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Terms of Service

Thank you for making a reservation with us at 7 Canyons Ranch. By making this reservation you  agree to release 7 Canyons Ranch,  the Landowner, Lease Holder, Employees of the Landowner/Lease Holder, and their Heirs, from any and all liability for personal injury, property damage, and or the loss of life resulting from any activities, I, or any other person may engage in while a guest on the Property. I am aware that interacting with the wildlife on the ranch is an inherently dangerous activity and I will be held personally responsible for the actions of myself and any other person for whom I am responsible. This includes, but is not limited to, any Children or Adults I may escort onto the property with or without the permission of 7 Canyons Ranch, the Land Owner or Lease holder.

 I am aware that this land or property is used or may be used for Agricultural purposes and I am required to consider the safety of Persons, Livestock, Machinery, Structures, and that of other surrounding areas on or adjacent to this property before engaging in any activity that may put any of the afore mentioned property or persons at risk of any damage, injury, or death. In addition to the above I also agree to the following;

  1. I agree to abide by any laws of the state.

  2.  I agree that 7 Canyons Ranch, the Land Owner, Lease Holder, or Employees of the Land Owner or Lease Holder may approach me or any other person in my presence to verify that I am adhering to all Game Laws of the State or any other Restrictions, Rules, Conditions, or Instructions given to me in writing or verbally by the Land Owner, Lease Holder, or their Employees.

  3.  I agree that I will leave all gates, Cattle Crossings, and or Security Devices in the condition that I found them.

  4.  I agree to leave the property and notify 7 Canyons Ranch, the Land Owner, Lease Holder, and or their Employees, if I find anything that is unsafe or dangerous to myself, other persons, Livestock, or may cause any kind of property damage. I also agree that the Rights and or Privileges to be present on this property given me by 7 Canyons Ranch,  the Land Owner or Lease Holder, may be Revoked at any time by 7 Canyons Ranch,  the Land Owner, Lease Holder, or their Employees, at any time, and for any reason, either verbally or in writing.

I agree that this Liability Release shall be in effect from the day I arrive at the Ranch and shall remain in effect from year to year, term to term, and shall not expire unless presented to me in writing from 7 Canyons Ranch, the Land Owner or Lease Holder. If any part of this form is found to be improper, I agree to the intent and purpose of this form. My reservation and stay at the ranch binds my Family, Heirs, and all other interested persons acting on my behalf to the terms of this agreement

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